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In the wake of a sudden flip-flop on the issue of stopping North Jersey casinos, Assemblyman Vince Mazzeo announced yesterday he would no longer work in a bipartisan manner with Assemblyman Chris Brown to stop North Jersey casinos for five years.

“As Republicans, we are committed to protecting jobs in our region and nothing would be more harmful, right now, than allowing a North Jersey casino to open up, competing within our state against Atlantic City,” said Freeholder John Risley, who is running for reelection this year.

“Every credible expert has said that more gaming competition inside New Jersey would hurt Atlantic City,” said Risley’s running mate Freeholder Alex Marino.  “We already approved a resolution supporting Assemblyman Brown’s resolution opposing North Jersey casinos for at least five years, and two Democrats on the Freeholder Board voted in favor of it.  I guess Assemblyman Mazzeo thinks they are giving false hope too.”

“That’s why it’s so disappointing that Assemblyman Mazzeo, who only won his seat by a handful of votes in a questionable election, would vote against his district by opposing such a common-sense resolution,” said Freeholder Candidate John Carman.  “If you can’t stand up for Atlantic City workers in the face of growing competition and self-interested North Jersey politicians, why even hold the office?”

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Sunset with the Sheriff


Click for printable PDF Invitation

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NO North Jersey Casinos!

Stop North Jersey Casinos 9-5-14_Page_2


For immediate release September 5, 2014
Contact: (609) 677-0707

The Atlantic County Republican Party delivered a clear message today when it comes to amending the state constitution to allow for casinos outside of Atlantic City: “North Jersey casinos must be stopped. They are not inevitable.”

To underscore its point, Republicans are giving away free “STOP North Jersey Casinos! Nothing is Inevitable” bumper stickers for anyone who will “like” the party’s Facebook page.

“With an oversaturation of gaming in the Northeast and the closure of several casinos in Atlantic City, now is the absolute worst time to even discuss the idea of more casinos in our state,” said Chairman Keith Davis. “This year Massachusetts voters are going to consider repealing legalized gaming, but New Jersey is going to consider adding more gaming markets?  It’s pure lunacy and will only hurt the one viable gaming market we have, Atlantic City, killing state jobs and hurting state tax revenues.”

“We are tired of promises from politicians,” said Vice Chair Rosalie Baker. “No promises of future subsidies for Atlantic City based upon rosy projections from casinos that don’t exist will make up for the jobs that would be lost here. Discussing these empty promises only hurts Atlantic City’s ability to attract additional investment and potential buyers of the casinos that have recently closed. And that hurts the entire State of New Jersey.”

“Every Republican elected official in Atlantic County is opposed to the idea of more gaming competition in New Jersey,” said Davis. “It’s time for the Democrats to step up now and join us. This should be a bipartisan effort to ensure that those working in Atlantic City’s casinos now are protected. With a North Jersey casino, things here will only get worse.”

Those interested in receiving a bumper sticker can “like” the Atlantic County Republican Facebook page and send a direct message with their mailing address or send an email to

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ACRC June Membership Rush

Maynards Invite 2014

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GTRL to Honor Robert Iannacone as 2014 Galloway Republican of the Year

At the 2014 edition of the annual GTRL Abe Lincoln Breakfast the Galloway Township Republican League will honor Robert Iannacone as the 2014 Galloway Township Republican of the Year.

The breakBobIfast will be held Saturday, March 29th, from 8:30-11am at the Smithville Inn.

In addition to honor the Republican of the Year, the GTRL is proud to announce that the newly elected Republican mayor of Atlantic City, Mayor Don Guardian, will be our guest speaker.

Click here to download a PDF version of the event invitation or click here to visit the event’s Facebook page.


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Issued on 10/25/2013 by: Steve Moliver – Galloway Municipal Leader/OneGalloway Campaign Chair

Today, I was compelled to file a Request for an Investigation with the New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Commission (ELEC) over very serious violations of election law by Restore Galloway Democratic candidates Jim McElwee, Mike Suleiman, Cliff Sudler and Bill Montag. While the allegations and complaint speaks for itself, I must point out that this  is not merely a clerical error, reporting oversight, or novice mistake. Nor is it political hyperbole. Restore Galloway and Messrs. McElwee, Suleiman, Sudler and Montag neglected to establish a candidates’ committee and make the statutorily required reports and disclose donations and payments as required by law. It appears they functioned operationally as a candidates’ committee, presumably receiving contributions (from their own accounts and/or others) and presumably paying bills for campaign signs, mailers and handouts, which all displayed the disclaimer: Paid for by Restore Galloway, P.O. Box 31, Pomona, NJ 08240. Yet my research with ELEC discovered they completely failed to establish the proper entity under such a name or anything similar.

Much time has passed since the 29 day pre-election reports were due on October 7th.  This is disappointing given these men are asking for the trust of the voters of Galloway and are asking to be the overseers of all fiscal and operational aspects of our local government. They are either very irresponsible or they were not being forthright with the public they are asking to serve. Of particular interest should be the 11 day pre-election report, or lack thereof, which is due today.

The failure to make financial disclosures are violations of the Campaign Contributions and Expenditures Reporting Act, N.J.S.A. 19:44A-1 et seq.

Click here to go to the OneGalloway website and view the supporting documents.

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Dear Friends and Supporters;

We need your financial support and now is the time to make your donation to the OneGalloway Republican team of Purdy, Gargione, Maldonado & Meadows for Galloway Council. Financial support is just one of the components of electing quality Republican candidates and assuring good government. This is part of your role as a leading voice and member in our local organization, and I know we can count on you to support the cause.

In order to serve the people of Galloway Township, we must conduct an aggressive campaign. Our opponents lack the leadership experience and understanding that it takes for such an important job. For our campaign to be successful, it  requires a strong and organized grassroots organization. The OneGalloway team is working hard talking to the voters, raising money and building support. The campaign print materials, postage, signs, and advertising are expensive. That is why I am turning to the people who we know best, and inviting them to get involved in our campaign and helping to make a difference.

Your online contribution to our campaign organization, GTRL/OneGalloway, will give our team a tremendous boost. Your gift of $10, $25, $50, $100, or more will help us raise the funds needed to operate our campaign. It is all very appreciated. Please make your donation now and share this message with your friends and family who are also interested in electing qualified conservative leaders like Don, Frank, Robert and Tim.

Donating is easy. Please logon to and click the Donate button and to learn more about OneGalloway and my team. Your secure online contribution via PayPal is appreciated. You do not need a PayPal account to use this service.

Thank you.

Steve Moliver

Visit our website at:

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To make secure contributions click here:

Donate to Our Campaign

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Visit the OneGalloway Team’s Facebook Page!  While you’re there be sure to ‘like’ the page!


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GTRL Endorses Slate for 2013 Council Race

Frank Gargione.headshot    RobertMaldonado.headshot

Tim Meadows.headshot    Don Purdy.headshot

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Parkway Interchange Update from Connors, Rumpf & Gove

In an effort to keep you apprised of the proposed NJ Turnpike Authority’s Interchange improvement projects at Garden State Parkway Interchanges 41 & 44, please see the press statement and related documents attached below. 

It continues to be a privilege to serve as the State Representatives for the 9th Legislative District.

CHRISTOPHER J. CONNORS, Senator – 9th District

ASSEMBLYMAN BRIAN E. RUMPF, Assemblyman – 9th District

ASSEMBLYWOMAN DIANNE C. GOVE, Assemblywoman – 9th District

Connors, Rumpf & Gove Receive Confirmation From Turnpike Authority: No Toll At Galloway GSP Interchanges 41 & 44

9th District Delegation Also Receives Response On Service Area – Jimmie Leeds Road Access Concerns

 9th District Legislative Office: Senator Christopher J. Connors, Assemblyman Brian E. Rumpf and Assemblywoman DiAnne C. Gove received a formal response from the New Jersey Turnpike Authority that no toll plazas will be established at Garden State Parkway Interchanges 41 or 44 as part of the interchange improvement plans.

The 9th District Legislators had written the Authority after heightened concerns were raised among local residents after Governor Christie was asked during his recent town hall meeting held in Galloway, if there would toll plazas at either interchange.   Connors, Rumpf and Gove, who attended the town hall meeting, worked jointly with Atlantic County Freeholder Alex Marino and Galloway Mayor Don Purdy to obtain a formal response from the Turnpike Authority on the toll matter in order to address constituents’ concerns.

Additional information provided by the Authority in its response to the 9th District Delegation included:

  • $30 million will be invested to build a full Interchange 41 at Jimmie Leeds Road and to complete the partial Interchange 44 at Pomona Road
  • The Authority plans to hold a public hearing in Galloway Township this summer on the Interchanges 41 and 44 projects

The 9th District Delegation also received a response from the Authority regarding residents’ concerns about access from Jimmie Leeds Road to the commuter service area located at Interchange 41.

In its letter, the Authority provides an explanation of how the design of Interchange 41 will work, as it relates to access from Jimmie Leeds Road.  According to the Authority, the planned Interchange will allow residents to enter and exit the Parkway directly from Jimmie Leeds Road and in both northbound and southbound directions.  The Authority also explained that once the Exit 41 Interchange is completed, the Authority will have no choice but to close the service road that now provides motorists access to the service area from Jimmie Leeds Road.  Residents will be able to access the service area by entering the northbound Parkway by way of the White Horse Pike.

The 9th District Delegation issued the following statement regarding the Authority’s responses:

“We are providing the information from the Turnpike Authority in order to keep local residents and officials apprised of the key aspects related to the interchange improvement projects.  

“Certainly, we were elated to receive confirmation from the Authority that there would be no toll plazas at either Interchange 41 or 44.  That said, we never believed there was any permanent plan in place for tolls, as we had discussed the Interchange improvement project with Authority officials on several occasions over the past several months.

“Regarding access to the service area at the Interchange 41, our Delegation will continue to work with local officials and the Authority to see if any modification can be made to existing plans that would allow for local residents to access the service area from Jimmie Leeds Road. “

Copies of both New Jersey Turnpike Authority responses are attached.  



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